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Denco Dental Construction, Inc.specializes in Dental Office Construction and has been a general contractor for over two decades. In 1997 Steve Anderson, President of Denco, recognized the needs within the dental industry. He found the best way to assist the dentists in the process of building their offices was to get information and input from the doctors themselves. He was quick to recognize the lack of detail and coordination on many projects and wanted the doctors to have an advocate to assist them through every step of the construction process. Since that time Denco Dental Construction has built over 450 dental offices, specializing in tenant improvement construction. We pride ourselves in Making Your Dream a Reality!

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Denco Dental Construction, Inc., will offer all AzDA members:

  • Free initial floor plan drawings (a $500 to $1000 value) if an architect is not already involved. This floor plan provides the client with well thought out information and design backed by more than 20 years of dental background knowledge to propose and create a highly productive work flow design and eliminate options that may or may not work and provide you the reasons why. Or we will gladly evaluate your current floor plan.
  • Free consultation to: (a minimum $1000 value). Explore office needs and recommendations. Evaluation of current or proposed offices, along with budgets, suggestions, pros and cons. Create a budget for office improvements based on level of design, equipment needs, and building specific requirements. Assist in creating a working budget process for the entire office construction to ensure no costs are missed, and create a way of tracking your costs as they come in. Aid in recommending a team of other professionals to meet every need of the construction process. Provide assistance in recommendation of professional services which may be required. Assist in connecting to and coordination with lenders

Denco Dental Construction, Inc., will also provide the following if we are hired

  • Up to three hours of free consultation for material finish selections (a $1000 value).
  • A donation in the amount of $500 will be given to the Arizona Dental Foundation (ADF)  in doctor`s name

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