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If my name sounds or my face looks familiar, there's a good reason for that: in addition to being an AzDA Endorsed Partner, I've been AzDA's director of marketing since 2010.

Since 2014, I’ve filmed marketing/promotional videos for dental practices and small businesses at and, and I've filmed for a load of small business and practice owners in that time.

Odd trivia: to the best of my knowledge, over the last 100 years that AzDA has been around, I am the first employee who is also an endorsed partner. And while that's an interesting tidbit, it's not why you should hire me to film a marketing/promotional video for your dental practice. 

You should consider hiring me to film your office because:
  • I've filmed more dental videos over the last ten years than anyone else in Arizona. I am not “learning on the job” with your video, and your colleagues trust me. 
  • I know what exactly what patients need to see, hear, and feel from your video to choose your practice over others.
  • I offer a no-risk, 100% guarantee that if you don't like the video I film or the service I provide you. You can walk away from the project not having paid me a dime.
  • I am going to be invested in your success, and I’ll work my tail off for you—count on it.
  • I'll make the entire process easy and fun (no stress) for you and your dental team. It's a great team-building event.
  • You won't have to use scripts or memorize anything, and I'll make you look and sound like a dentist rock star.


I know how busy your days can be—running from one op to another. Considering video marketing for your practice probably won’t happen during the day when you’re focused on production. So, I invite you to connect with me when it’s convenient for you—drop me a line or just send me a text at (480) 331-7371 as early as 6am, as late as 9:30pm, on the weekends, and even on most holidays!

If I am not working with a client or have something on my plate, I will respond to you immediately. If I can’t, we’ll find a time that’s convenient for you to discuss what’s going on with your practice and how I might be able to help. Running a practice is tough. I want to make your life easier.

COMPETITIVE, UPFRONT PRICING, GREAT PERKS, AND A PEACE OF MIND GUARANTEE THAT NO ONE CAN TOUCHI know that dentists are hit hard with costs, so I’ve priced my dental office marketing videos so that any practice that’s really looking to grow can afford a marketing video that will drive in new patients.

Search around other video production companies for their pricing, and you’ll feel like you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. Not only will others not post their prices on their website, but they duck, dodge, and delay telling you what they're going to charge. Not me. I know you're too busy to play pricing games with vendors, and with all the other costs dentists are bombarded by, I want to provide honest, upfront pricing. Legitimate video production companies (once you get them to tell you how much they charge) can run upwards of $10k for a dental marketing video. They're nuts. But with me, roughly 90% of the dental marketing videos I film fall comfortably into the $2,449-$3,449 range for dentists in the Phoenix metro area*. Is that cheap? No, but it's not expensive either—it's VERY reasonable.

Truth is, whether we're talking about a dental marketing video, or placing a crown or an implant, you get what you pay for, right?

Have you ever worked with a company that offered a “we’ll work with you until we get it right” guarantee? I’d argue that their pledge is both nebulous and worthless. What if your videographer isn’t accessible, friendly, or competent? What if you’ve lost trust or confidence in them? Will “working with them until they get it right” be of help to you? No.

I’ve run a marketing, design, and video production business for almost twenty years (2000-2008) and (2014-present) in all that time, I’ve offered a rock-solid unicorn guarantee that if you don’t love the service I’ve provided or the quality of the final project, I will refund 100% of your money. No other video production company that I've come across since 2014 has the plums to make such a bold promise.

If I don’t deliver for you, I don’t get paid. Does that sound like someone you’d want to do business with?

* If you're outside of Phoenix, don't worry. I might still be in a great position to help you. Traveling beyond Phoenix does of course increase my time and expenses, which I do need to account for, but I try to keep the bump in fees reasonable.

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An additional 30 second video for use in social media or digital advertising.

Value of $500+

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