Encrypted HIPAA Email

HIPAA-compliant email that’s never been hacked–ever.


Protect your patients and your practice with iCoreExchange secure,
compliant email.

Did you know it's possible to send unlimited attachments of any size in one HIPAA-compliant email? There’s no need to split large image files across multiple emails or send through snail mail or transfer to costly CDs. With iCoreExchance, you just compose, drag, drop, and hit send. Done.

And, in a time when cybercrime, ransomware and phishing are more and more invasive, you need iCoreExchange’s fully HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based email to
protect your patient and practice data whether it’s sitting in your inbox or sending to anyone else’s email.

With iCoreExchange:
● Don’t be Phish Bait. No iCoreExchange email has been spammed, phished or hacked. Ever
● Encrypted and fully compliant. iCoreExchange exceeds the federal government's requirements for 100% HIPAA compliance and encryption standards
● Say goodbye to attachment issues. Attach as many files as you want to any email with no size limits. Send your biggest X-rays, including DICOMs, and other images all day long
● Skip after-hours trips to the office. Review and send patient records securely from anywhere, anytime. iCoreExchange is cloud-based, so your location doesn’t matter
● Who are you referring to? iCoreExchange has a built-in referral network so you have instant access to qualified providers. Give referrals. Get referrals. Stay connected

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iCoreExchange includes the full range of its cloud-based benefits for 35% off. This no-surprises, monthly subscription costs just $25 per provider.

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