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With Abyde, You’ll never stress over Compliance again.
You’re swamped, we know. Abyde’s HIPAA for Covered Entities and OSHA for Healthcare were built by health IT professionals, legal experts, and seasoned developers. The revolutionary software is the easiest way for any sized dental practice to implement and sustain comprehensive HIPAA and OSHA programs. Abyde’s revolutionary approach guides practices through mandatory compliance requirements such as the implementation of risk management programs, training for doctors and staff, customized policy documentation and more. With Abyde, never stress over compliance again. 

Wondering where you stand?
Compliance is a lot to manage and often takes a back seat to other administrative tasks. Want to know where your current compliance program matches up? Take our HIPAA challenge or OSHA challenge today to see where you stand. Want to see more? Let's get you on a demo with one of our Compliance Consultants.

Don’t just take it from us!
There’s a reason why providers who choose Abyde never look back and we have a 94% renewal rate along with thousands of happy customers to show for it.
“I have found Abyde to be a great program that manages all my HIPAA requirements. It is very easy to use, has regular alerts to guide you through objectives, and great technical support and training. Abyde allows me to have peace of mind - I consider it a ‘must have’ program for all healthcare providers.”
- Dr. Oscar Menendez, DDS, MAGD

Save time, stress, and money!
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