Laurel Road Student Loan Refinancing

Refinance your student loans and you could save thousands

Laurel Road

Join thousands of dentists that have taken control of their student loan debt by refinancing through Laurel Road. Highlights of the Laurel Road Student Loan Refinance program include:

  • An exclusive 0.25% rate discount on loans for AzDA members
  • No application or origination fees, and no payment penalties
  • Flexible repayment options for residents during training
  • Concierge-level customer service from dedicated representatives
  • Check your rates in 5 minutes–no hard credit pull required
(855) 277-6771

Important Information:Please note that if you refinance qualifying federal student loans with Laurel Road, you mayno longer be eligible for certain benefits or programs and waive your right to future benefits or programs offered onthose loans. Examples of benefits or programs you may not receive include, but are not limited to, student loan debtrelief or public service loan forgiveness, repayment options such as Income Based Repayment or Pay As You Earn,or COVID-19 relief benefits such as a 0% interest rate, suspension of payments or loan forgiveness. Please carefullyconsider your options when refinancing federal student loans and consultStudentAid.govfor the most currentinformation

AzDA Member Savings

0.25% rate discount on loans

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This information is an AzDA member only benefit.
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