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Prompt, accessible care of the highest standards all in one location.

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Thoughts, feelings, behaviors can all be very complicated…What should not be complicated is your care.
MHCA exists to be our patients’ first and last stop for psychiatric care.
Starting with our comprehensive psychological assessment, moving to our professional team approach for treatment, followed by our wellness support plan and services.
MHCA is designed so that each patient feels supported regardless of where they’re at in their journey.

Our expert providers treat an expansive list of emotional and mental conditions, including:
Bipolar Disorder
Eating Disorders
Personality Disorders
Chronic Pain
Substance Abuse
And more…

For additional information please visit or schedule an appointment by calling the number provided.

AzDA Member Savings

AzDA Members will receive up to $425 credit towards services. This includes $275 for their first psychiatric intake and $150 for the initial follow-up.

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This information is an AzDA member only benefit.
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