Sterilization Monitoring

OSHA Review

OSHA Review, Inc. Spore Check System, a sterilizer monitoring service from OSHA Review, Inc. can help you spend your time where it counts – with patients – instead of on unnecessary paperwork.
The Arizona State Board of Dental Examiners advises weekly spore testing and the Spore Check System is an easy, convenient, and accurate way to comply.

  • Convenience - A year`s worth of test strips for up to 4 sterilizers plus preaddressed envelopes and receipts to document your testing, all in one handy, compact binder.
  • Assurance - You – and your patients – can feel secure that your sterilizer is working properly with the Spore Check System.
  • Accuracy - OSHA Review’s in-house lab, full-time microbiologist, and years of experience assure you of accurate results delivered quickly.
  • On-line Test Results - You can check your test results on the Internet anytime.
  • Reminder Service - If OSHA Review doesn`t receive a test strip from you, OSHA Review will contact you to remind you to test.
  • Professional Support - If a strip tests positive, you`ll be notified immediately and OSHA Review will help determine the cause.


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